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Plans for One Harbor Point

One Harbor Point has been designed with careful consideration of the history and scale of the downtown and in keeping with the architectural character of the surrounding neighborhoods. The project aligns with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and helps complete and define the southern entrance to Gig Harbor.

The project is composed of two areas—the upland area with rental townhomes and the shoreline area with three single-family home sites, a boat barn and two marinas. Current plans focus on the upland residential project and the dedication of the boat barn, deck and marina to the City of Gig Harbor for use as a community asset and to increase public access to the waterfront.

The Upland Area:  One Harbor Point

One Harbor Point will consist of a cluster of 10 residential structures that each contain 2 to 6 attached homes for a total of 29 units (formerly 35 units – updated 6/22). Building structures into the hillside and incorporating landscaping and parking bridges between them creates the appearance of single family homes similar in size and form to many nearby houses. The structures incorporate sloped roofs and a blend of high-quality materials, textures and color palettes to blend with the surrounding neighborhood.

The One Harbor Point plans call for:

  • 10 townhome style structures set into the hillside that offer a street-side appearance of one- to two-story homes. No building will be taller than two stories (updated 6/22).
  • 2 to 6 attached homes in each building for a total of 35 units
  • A total of 122 parking spaces for residents and guests, including 67 spaces in attached garages or carports.
  • Retention of the current 30 street parking spaces on adjacent Soundview and Harborview Drives
  • Public sidewalks along Soundview and Harborview rights of way and an enhanced pedestrian experience view corridors and resting places
  • Preservation and enhancement of views for One Harbor Point and adjacent neighborhoods
  • The creation of a public green space at the southern entrance to downtown Gig Harbor on the northern tip of One Harbor Point
  • New stop signs and crosswalks at the intersection of Judson and Soundview to support traffic calming and pedestrian safety
  • Pedestrian connection and line-of-sight improvements at the intersection of Soundview and Harborview to enhance traffic and pedestrian safety

Gig Harbor Vision 2012 & One Harbor Point
One Harbor Point Fact Sheet