Project approval process

The process for creating a neighborhood of this kind often involves the creation of a Development Agreement between a city and project proponent. Development agreements are often used to review or mitigate site-specific issues that may not be addressed by standard development regulations and often arise with complex or unique projects. As provided by Gig Harbor Municipal Code Chapter 19.08, a Development Agreement provides an opportunity to custom design a project and to assure that the public interest is appropriately protected. In such an agreement, a variety of issues can be discussed and negotiated between the city and the project proponent including site layout, density, building heights, access/egress, views and mitigation.

The proposed project will be reviewed by City staff and forwarded with a staff report to the City Council for consideration.  If the Council so chooses, the project will be forwarded to the Council’s Planning and Building Committee. At several points during the review and approval process, the public will have an opportunity to comment on the project to the City Council. Ultimately, the City Council will vote on the Development Agreement.

As the project moves along, go to Gig Harbor Planning to find information about the City’s review schedule and opportunities for public comment concerning plans for One Harbor Point.