No. There have been no bona fide offers to purchase the One Harbor Point site for a park or any other purpose.  In the spring of 2015, the Haub family put the property up for sale.  Only one bona fide offer was received and that was from the Cheney Foundation.  In September 2015, the parties entered into a binding Purchase and Sale Agreement.  In March 2016, the Haub family received a letter from Citizens for the Preservation of Gig Harbor after the One Harbor Point team had met with the group to share their plans for the property. The group’s letter included the following invitation: “We would very much appreciate the opportunity to sit with you personally and discuss how Gig Harbor citizens could be part of purchasing your property for our community.” Since the property had already been under contract for six months and was no longer available for sale, the Haub family representative conveyed that information to the group.  There has been no contact from this group regarding an offer since that time.  On March 18, 2016 a representative of Forterra emailed the Haub family representative with a note that simply said, “I’ve heard from a few folks about a property in Gig Harbor that the Haub family may be interested in selling…Let me know if you would like to chat.”  Finally on May 24, 2016 Mr. Jeff Katke called the Haub representative and asked about buying the upland parcels.  He was invited to submit a backup offer.  To date he has not done so, nor have any other groups or individuals submitted offers for the property.