The Washington Egg & Poultry Co-Op Building
Source:  City of Gig Harbor website

Built in 1925, the Co-op opened as Gig Harbor Station the following year. Founded in Seattle in 1917 during WWI, the Co-op was a farmer member organization that set high standards for quality produce and took on processing, marketing and purchasing of production supplies.

In the cooperative tradition, the non-profit organization operated to promote mutual benefits and to help each member prosper. Gig Harbor Station was managed by George Paradis, whose chicken farm was north of the harbor in Crescent Valley. Freight boats docked at the warehouse to unload hay, feed and other supplies that member farmers could purchase at a reasonable price.

In turn, members delivered their eggs and poultry for shipment to Washington canneries and/or processing plants that distributed to national and international markets. In 1945, the association changed its name to the Washington Co-operative Farmers Association, which promoted, fostered and encouraged the production, processing and marketing of many kinds of farm products. The Co-op operated in this building until 1956. In 1975, Haub Brothers purchased the property and adapted it for reuse as a commercial marina and boat barn.