During the weekday morning peak hour, the proposed development would create an additional 22 trips on adjacent roads (based on 35 units, not the current 29 proposed).  Comprehensive traffic and parking impacts of the project were studied and are outlined in a Traffic Impact Analysis report available here. Traffic and parking impacts were evaluated at four adjacent intersections and along Soundview and Harborview Drives. Improvements were then identified that accommodate current and future traffic patterns while considering site specific impact, future downtown growth and City road standards.

Under the Growth Management Act, a property owner is required to mitigate the impact of traffic generated by new development. Proposed road improvements include reconfiguring the Soundview/Harborview intersection to enhance safety and traffic flow for drivers and pedestrians. On Harborview, a turn-around will be created at the eastern end of One Harbor Point’s frontage so traffic need not continue to the dead end of the street to turn around. Proposed mitigation also includes right-of-way improvements along Soundview and Harborview.  Plans call for the addition of on-street public parking, wider sidewalks, and new street/sidewalk lighting. With improvements along Harborview, some existing public parking stalls will be replaced with new public parking along Soundview. The net effect is no loss of public parking.

One Harbor Point will include ample on-site parking both for residents and their guests. Plans call for 67 spaces in garages or carports and 55 uncovered spaces for a total of 122 on-site parking spaces for residents and guests.

Traffic Impact Analysis Report